Oruro Carnival

27th March 2017

Once a year the mining town of Oruro, high on the altiplano of Bolivia, comes to life with the Oruro Carnival.

The carnival dates back over 200 hundred years and is reputed to be the second largest in South America after the Rio Carnival.

Many of the dances date back to the days of Spanish rule. Some 30,000 dancers and musicians take part in the daily parades representing about 16 different types of traditional dances from all over Bolivia.

The largest parades are on the Saturday and Sunday of carnival week and are scheduled to last from 0700 until 0400 the following day, although can overrun, as happened this year, when the Saturday parade did not finish until 0800 on the Sunday.

These are just a few of the many images from the 2017 carnival. More images can be found in the Oruro Carnival Gallery: Oruro Carnival 2017